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Sharks Habitat

An Exclusive Interview with UniformSpy after filming this segment

rogue-three: So, how was your day at the aquarium?

UniformSpy: It was good. So, yeah, we took pictures of sharks, we made videos and it actually was pretty cool, so...

rogue-three: Do sharks live in aquariums?

UniformSpy: No, not usually. They are like orphanages for the sharks. They just like capture the sharks and put them in the tank where there is loads of water.

rogue-three: What do sharks eat?

UniformSpy: Fish and stuff.

rogue-three: Is polution like rubbish thrown in the water bad for shark's habitat?

UniformSpy: Yes. It destroys their habitat and doesn't make the water actually good for them.

rogue-three: Do sharks have enemies?

UniformSpy: Yes, sometimes each other. Humans, which is us.

rogue-three: Is there anything you'd like to say to the kids and your teacher about your day at the aquarium?

UnifrmSpy: Yes, it was actually pretty scary and it was actually freaking me out. Ah, the sharks, oh God, they creep me out so much.

rogue-three: Is there anything more you would like to say to the children and your teacher?

UniformSpy: Yes. Thank you for coming on our journey and having fun and learning with me. Thank you!


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